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Download DX/TXconvert
DXconvert-3.2.2.zip DXconvert/TXconvert requires installation of Python 3.x
Python 2.x is no longer actively supported by me and many other developers.
DX/TXconvert is a file conversion and manipulation toolkit for Yamaha FM synths. It can read 70+ different file formats from 6-op (DX7 etc.) 4-op (FB01, TX81Z, VOPM, etc.) and 2-op FM synths (PSS) and convert them to clean SysEx for the DX7 and 4-op FM synths. It can also do cool stuff like: remove duplicates, sort by name, randomize voices, search and select voices, split or combine patches and banks. Requires Python 3.x and should run on any system that can run Python (Windows, OSX, Linux)
If you need MIDI I/O support you also have to install the python-rtmidi package.
If you need to convert Cassette Interface data (dx100/27/21, dx9, tx81z) to SysEx you need Vincent van Dam's CAStools to convert WAV files to CAS format. DX/TXconvert can read and convert these CAS files.
Requirements, recommendations, and links
Python Downloads from www.python.org
CAS tools Download CAS Tools to get the wav2cas tool
ZBar zbarimg from ZBar is required by qr2syx.py
zxing-cpp zxing is another QR decoder that qr2syx.py can use


All the stuff on this website can be downloaded for free. If you want to encourage me to continue development of DX/TXconvert and maintain this website: feel free to donate!